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'The Third Papou'

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should we donate to the Papou Manoli Foundation?

The Papou Manoli Foundation distributes all donation funds to worthy children based causes. With our small effort we enrich the lives of many children all around the world.

What type of children causes do you support?

The Papou Manoli Foundation focus on providing financial assistance to orphanages, sick and disadvantaged children, children medical research and other well established children charities.

What amount of the donation funds reach the children?

All funds donated, except for a very small administration charge, is directly distributed to the needy children.

Can I get involved with the Papou Manoli Foundation?

We are a small but dynamic group who can use any assistance to identify children causes. We welcome your involvement and ask that you use the contact page to inform us of your contribution.

Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more questions to ask, please feel free to complete the 'Message Form' by clicking on the 'Contact Button' below and we will contact you back very soon.

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